Larry Caine's photographic work has been internationally published in Magazines, Calendar's, Books, Commercial Internet Sites, Catalogs, Greeting Cards, as well as Fine Art. Larry's work has hung in galleries in several states. His work has also graced the covers of several magazines. His photography is all about capturing light, often "rare" light.

Larry's focus is in Outdoor and Travel Photography, and his extensive stock collection represents excellent coverage of his home state of Colorado, as well as good coverage of North America and much of Europe and Africa. For more information on his stock files, please see the menu category titled "Stock."

Historically, Larry has used the finest color slide film available, usually Fujichrome Velvia, which offers the finest grain and deep, saturated colors. He now shoots in the digital format, favoring the Nikon DSLR camera and lens systems.

Larry is a graduate of California State University at San Francisco, with a BA in Business Administration. He has two grown children and lives in Golden, Colorado with his wife Debby.

Larry can be reached at 303-526-4257 or

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